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Bruise Wayne, #B52

What have I done today to be a better derbygirl?

2 December 1981
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"Ring the bells that still can ring. Forget your perfect offering. There's a crack in everything - that's how the light gets in."
acting, action figures, activism, animation, anime, apple-picking, arias, art, avocados, baroque music, baths, batman, bbw, being engaged, bisexuality, blue beetle, bluejeans, bobby darin, body issues, booster gold, brie, butterbeer, canapes, candles, cats, caviar, chinese food, chocolate, cirque du soleil, citizen kane, classic rock, clothes shopping, comics, composing, cooking, dancing, dead like me, death, delirium, diners, disneyworld, drag queens, drama, drawing on the walls, egyptian cotton, ella fitzgerald, environmentalism, escargots, experimental theater, fairies, falkor, fall leaves, fanfiction, fantasy, food, foodies, frank sinatra, frasier, french food, grad school, harley quinn, harry potter, human rights, icons, imax, incense, iron chef, jim henson, justice league, king kong, kissing, kurosawa, labyrinth, literature, lord of the rings, louis armstrong, luna lovegood, marriage, memes, miyazaki, montclair state university, morpheus, mountains, movies, musical theater, my neighbor totoro, mythology, neil gaiman, neverwhere, new jersey, new york city, npr, oldies, opera, pancakes, panera, performance art, peter jackson, peter pan, poison ivy, quebec, rainy days, rent, roller derby, rpgs, salad, sark, scans daily, scene it, science fiction, singing, sirius/remus, sketching, snow, sondheim, sonic toothbrushes, spirited away, superheroes, sushi, tattoos, teenage mutant ninja turtles, the 80s, the dark crystal, the endless, the ferry, the golden trio, the hudson river, the jersey shore, the kinsey scale, the neverending story, the renaissance faire, theme parks, theme restaurants, torrid, toys in babeland, travel, turtles, typing, vassar college, vintage t-shirts, weasleys, weddings, women's rights, wonder woman, writing